Smart Home Automations

Smart Home Automation

Home Automation Technology Features

  •  Monitor and remotely control your door locks
  • No more leaving a key under the mat or rushing home to meet the plumber. Fluent allows you to view and control your locks remotely.
  •  View 24/7 live video feeds from your HD cameras
  • Be home even when you’re away from home. With high definition indoor & outdoor cameras, never miss the good and the bad.
  •  Let schedules take care of it
  • Never forget to lock your doors, turn off your lights, and arm you security system. Let Fluent schedules take care of it for you.
  •  Be in the know… Your system will notify you
  • The Fluent app with the Automation package allows you to not only KNOW what’s going on in your home, but control it as well.
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