Online Marketing

Online Marketing

We at Multimedia Technology trading believe that your every marketing riyal has to fetch you returns. We spend time to understand your current status, where you want to be from now and what are your pain areas or hindrance to reach where you want to be. Our aim is to help you achieve your digital marketing objective with your set budget. We help you engage with your existing customers and attract new customers. Understanding your business helps us choose the right digital channels for you to create a integrated digital marketing strategy.

An integrated digital marketing strategy includes relevant content creation, content writing, search engine optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Display advertising on search engines and social media platforms. These activities fall under Search Engine Marketing. Posting ads and writing content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels are the activities that fall under Social media marketing. Video marketing, and email and SMS marketing. Our mantra is “Measure what you Manage and Manage what you Measure”. Our timely analytics and reports play a very important role in our digital marketing strategy.

SEO is a syndicated effort of on-site and off-site factors, with an underlying goal to drive high-quality traffic to a client’s website, outrank the competition and reach out to potential clients.

Use attractive, professional-looking e-mail templates and stay in regular touch with them and build a strong relation with your customer.

SMM is vital to promote your business in Qatar and create a positive buzz which grabs the attention of existing and prospective clients, builds brand recognition and generates quality leads.

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