Corporate Performance Management

For metric tracking, customized KPIs, and dashboards, Scoreboard jumpstarts your corporate performance management initiative. If a balanced scorecard approach is to be undertaken, then QuickScore is preconfigured to save you time and reduce the learning curve of implementing the software. QuickScore is formally recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

ProServ is delighted to be working with Intrafocus as the international distributor of Spider Strategies software into our region ensuring full support across the globe

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Scoreboard is designed for businesses and organizations that want to manage their KPIs effectively.

Consolidate your KPIs in one or several dashboards that provide historical performance and comparison between services, products, regions from one central software. KPIs take many forms but are usually the high-level indicators that relate to the overall successful implementation of the strategy.

Designed and developed by strategy implementation practitioners for performance management business-owners, QuickScore is the only KPI management software accredited by the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

Strategy maps, dashboards, scorecards, objectives and KPIs are generated effortlessly and deployed in a very short time.

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