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Are you looking for a professional IP CCTV security system With IP cameras as a part of your security solution? 
We MTT security systems can help you with implementation of best IP CCTV security system in Qatar helping you to monitor your premise using security camera solution
 We are one of the leading CCTV supplier in Qatar included in the list of MOI SSD approved CCTV companies in Qatar. Being well known to be a professional company among the security

               Promide is the leading supplier of CCTV, Access Control and related electronic security systems in UAE. Promide supplies an extensive range of CCTV and Access Control equipment from internationally acclaimed manufacturers such as Panasonic, Samsung Techwin, IndigoVision, Sony, Ipixa, Acti, to name but a few.

These manufacturers specialize in high-quality, cutting-edge electronic security equipment such as cameras, digital video recorders, network video recorders, encoders, video transmission, fiber transmission, monitors and CCTV and Access Control accessories. Promide offers technical support and advice on product installations and system design.

We offer cameras that can be placed virtually anywhere out of the public eyes so that the people are not aware of its existence. We had the capability and experience to research, design and develop CCTV systems specific to your needs.Our solutions of Analog CCTV and IP-based cameras have established them as proven and secure solutions for remotely monitoring property and people. Using our network video products within a surveillance system allows live or recorded digital video to be accessed from anywhere across the Local Area Network (LAN), or the Internet. Used within a broad range of industries, such as hotels, retailing and banking, Fujisoft IP-Surveillance solutions are scalable and flexible and provide the most reliable and cost-efficient way of accessing live and recorded digital video.

24 hours monitoring of the sensitive areas of the building with digital recording. This enables the security to
monitor each every activity that is happening in the premises (in the common areas), which will help in controlling
crimes and adds security. Promide provides solutions for monitoring critical areas, be it a VIP security area, a
construction site, home, office, public areas or any other place using IP-based and analog cameras. The video
from these cameras could be recorded for any required number of days locally or on a central location using
Ethernet or Service Provider lines on Digital Versatile Recorders with additional features like motion detection,
high compression of video signals etc using the latest video compression technologies in various video formats.
With the use of high sensitivity, low lux, high resolution and IR cameras, the quality of the recorded video could
be enhanced. Solutions for monitoring the cameras using Internet Explorer and integrating the Cameras with various
other systems like BMS, People Counting, Access Control etc are also provided.

CCTV, Closed Circuit Television, is today rapidly becoming a key component in modern security systems. Promide
offers fully integrated and flexible CCTV surveillance monitored from one central control point to ensure safe and
controlled environment to you and guests and to prevent unauthorized access to your premises.

With one person monitoring from central control point a series of events happening simultaneously, the system
provides cost effective productivity as well as a higher standard of safety. The system enables security to monitor
every zone in the building.


Remote Monitoring:
Connect your networked video products directly to a computer network or modem, and you’ll have access to live video streams directly from your desktop using a standard Web browser. You can set up the system to save the video data to a file server at certain time intervals or when motion is detected, for later viewing and analysis. Share the images with a small working group or with the whole Internet community.

Surveillance :
Axis IP-Surveillance technology offers more cost-efficient, future-proof solutions that bridge the technological gap between the analog and digital worlds. Axis network camera and video server solutions are ideal for sharing high-quality video streams over existing computer networks. Superior to analog video solutions, Axis IP-Surveillance means reliable and distributed access or recording of high-quality digital images.
Some of the product features that can be used in your application include:
Alarm motion detection Audio
Video recording Analog video output
E-mail notification Remote camera operation for wide/detailed views
Pan/Tilt/Zoom control Full stream video

Web Attraction:
Connect an Axis network camera directly to your computer network and show live images to the whole Internet community. Make personal homepages or commercial Web sites come alive. Camera images are an increasingly popular method for bringing visitors back to a Web site.

Some of the product features that can be used in your application include:
Outdoor use
Connection via LAN/modem/wireless adapter
Possibility to add audio capabilities

system companies in Qatar , Our systems related to security solutions have been implemented in many critical areas of Qatar.

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