Business & Digital Transformation

Business & Digital Transformation

Business transformation and digitalization set continuous challenges for companies who seek to optimize and enhance the company’s performance. Disruptive technologies, market changes trigger the need to understand and harmonize core business processes by managing and optimizing them.

Your organization, with iGrafx, can build an enterprise business process management solution to meet your current and future needs. This means one platform for company-wide modeling, documentation planning,  communication, risk, control, and KPI management of your processes, so that you focus on executing your strategy.

Once processes are optimized, they can be automated and transferred to a workflow that increase efficiencies and eliminates paperwork.

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iGrafx evolved from a basic business process mapping and simulation tool in 1991 to a full-fledged enterprise business process management platform comprising collaborative process management, risk, controls, KPI, workflow, and SAP integration.

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